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CORE Innovation Hub’s Hot 30 is a curated list of technologists and entrepreneurs driving innovation across Australia’s most important industries: mining, energy, resources, oil & gas, space and defence.

Sixty Queensland exporters will share in $1.4 million through the Palaszczuk Government’s New Market Program to access global markets. Among the recipients is 2Censor, aiming to expand its reach and enhance export opportunities.

“2Censor is a revolutionary technology that we put at the service of the industry. With this solution, mining companies will be able to know the degree of wear of their pipes regardless of their material (Hdpe, Steel, ceramic or others), in short, we sensorize any asset that is subject to abrasion. With this information, we can predict in advance when your assets require maintenance or must be replaced, eliminating the risk of possible spills, unscheduled stoppages and thus increasing the availability of your plants.”

A global solution to a local problem (17/7/2020)

"I’ve spent 15 years in pipe maintenance at process plants in the Bowen Basin. When one of these plants go offline, it can cost a company thousands of dollars a minute in lost revenue. If the pipe is carrying hazardous chemicals, the environmental damage can increase the bill dramatically. When you’re also using and charging for technicians to fix the damage, it becomes both expensive and dangerous, Mr Vaughan said. I thought if there was a way to predict pipe failure, you’re eliminating those risks for site managers. Corey’s solution, trading under the name 2Censor, uses a combination of software, sensors and Wi-Fi technology to remotely monitor industrial pipe wear and predict when it’s about to fail."

"In just 12 months, Mackay business owner Corey ­Vaughan has turned his first invention into a global success. With a contract secured in the Bowen Basin, another in Chile, interest from South America and innovation ­accolades in Canada, 2censor is well on its way to changing the mining industry. The product is a patented sensor developed to warn about pipe wear. The sensor detects cracks before they reach the blowout stage, saving mining ­companies millions."

"A Mackay man's innovative idea is saving mining companies millions, and the product is about to go global. JCV Services owner Corey Vaughan never set out to be an inventor. He simply noticed a gap in the market and created a design to fix a problem. His product is the only one of its kind on the market. JCV works in the pipe maintenance area of the mining industry. In wash plants, pipes are used to move product through different stages to extract the coal ready for sale."


The Resource Industry Network is a peak industry association representing companies actively engaged in the resource sector and those who are allied to the sector.

The Australian Owner Manager Program is a practical, compressed, face-to-face residential development program designed exclusively for business owners. It follows a proven philosophy and process that has been tested and refined for more than a decade. 

The purpose of AMGC is to transform Australian Manufacturing to be more globally competitive and generate the demand for jobs.

Atomic Sky’s QuantumTX initiative facilitates collaboration across critical roadmaps that bridge the Space, Mining, Energy, Agri and Defence industries. QuantumTX focuses on the opportunity for Australia to fully leverage it's competitive advantages in cross cutting technologies.

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