Patented Abrasive Wear Sensor designed to provide 24/7 condition monitoring of your mineral plant's assets.

The 2C-Probe Abrasive Wear Sensor is used in slurry pipelines and process plant piping.

Recognizing the significant challenge posed by tracking abrasive wear in various wet or dry applications, we developed the 2C-Probe to comprehensively address this issue. As a result, its applications have expanded to cover multiple wear liner assets including slurry pipe, wear plates, and wear tiles.

The 2C-Probe is manufactured in customizable lengths and materials tailored to each application, ensuring a precise match with the monitored assets. By penetrating the liners and seamlessly integrating with them, the probe wears at a consistent rate, facilitating accurate autonomous condition monitoring.

This streamlined approach ensures a professional and effective solution for pipeline and pipework monitoring needs.

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