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Corey Vaughan founded 2Censor in 2018, drawing upon his extensive 18 years of business experience in coal process plant maintenance.

The impetus behind the creation of 2Censor emerged from a critical incident at a coal mine site in Australia, where Corey was summoned to repair a high-density polyethylene tailings pipeline.

This particular pipeline had worn through, leading to the discharge of waste into a natural waterway for 18 hours before discovery. This one event resulted in:


  • A significant environmental incident
  • 7hrs of lost production
  • Rehabilitation of the contaminated area
  • Total cost of failure exceeding AUD$1.1 million

Prompted by this incident, the process plant manager urged Corey to "Find something that will tell me this is going to happen before it does."

Subsequent research revealed that existing options in the market were either financially impractical or inaccurate for achieving the desired preventative maintenance outcome. At that time, technology could measure, but no solution existed for monitoring pipeline wear.

Identifying a crucial gap in the market and recognizing its potential, Corey developed a sensor capable of monitoring and predicting pipeline wear. This marked the inception of 2Censor, a solution designed to proactively address the challenges of pipeline maintenance and prevent costly incidents like the one experienced at the coal mine site in Australia.


  • CEO / Founder
    • Application
      • Brent Neale
        Back End Software Developer Director at Digital Crayon
    • Design
      • Jason Smith
      • Mike Musskopf
        Solutions Engineer Director at Wisen
    • Tech
      • Dennis Murphy
        Front End Website Developer, RPEQ Electrical Engineer, Industrial Automation Engineer, Director at Beetle Digital.
    • Advisor
      • Chris Robinson
        Principal at MYMAX
    • Patents / IP
      • Alistair Smith
        Patent Attorney Principal at Davies Collison Cave
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